The joy of fishing is something that should be shared. What’s a good catch or “the one that got away” story without sharing it with your fishing buddies?

Feel the thrill of the event and relive it with other anglers in your area with Movtan online fishing community. Movtan is the ultimate in fishing apps. Iphone and Android friendly, Movtan fishing app brings you the means to share your love of fishing, your favorite fishing spots and to give and get reports about where the big fish are today.

Explore fishing areas that you’ve never experienced and share the ones that you have fished successfully with Movtan Fishing App. Get closer to the great outdoors–even if you’re sitting at a desk –with Movtan.

Hooked up to a Mako

your world around you

Stand out features on Movtan Fishing

 The underwater world holds an endless fascination for the fisherman. It invokes images of that all elusive trophy shark catch or the massive marlin, or even something as small as the perfect gummy shark. It also makes the angler scratch their head at times and wonder where all the fish are hiding. You’ve got questions about the types of fish that are caught in a specific fishing spot. Curious about who’s caught the last fish in this Melbourne Fishing spot?

Want to find out what they are catching in California?   There’s a way to find out all that you want to know about fishing all over the world. Movtan Fishing app can let you drop anchor and show where you are, what you’re catching and even upload a photo of your fish.

Picture Taking

Take pictures of your highly prized catches. Share with friends and family.


Realtime Map Viewing

See anglers on the fishing map. Find the best locations to fish, drop your anchor.


Private Messages

Communicate on a personal level. Send map locations to friends and fisherman.


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Follow Anglers


Subscribe or add friends


Liven up your fishing feeds by subscribing to anglers from all over the world.

Use the map to search for amazing fishing locations from around the world; Subscribing to anglers gets you there public post updates.

Reading the Anglers status in the maps list view is a great fast indication to see what they are all about.

Share Pictures


Show off your moments


Catch a nice fish and share to your intended audience, Brag to a mate or send it public and attract followers.


Sharing to the public privacy sends the post as far as 50 kilometer radius from the uploads location.



Look back or create events


Create an event and invite all your buddies; now you have no excuse not to go on that planned road trip and tackle that awesome!

Movtans calendar records your daily in app activities to help looking back on great moments; you can also see other users in app actions if the privacy settings they have chosen allow you to.  Perfect.

Privacy Options


We take privacy very seriously

Be hidden on the map or attract follows and show your location at all times; you can set the map to be friend to friend visibility as well; feel like hiding? Np, go under the radar and be invisible to all!

We take privacy very seriously and ensure your private information stays with you. Only me settings mean that no one can see. Friends only is just for friends and Public means for all to see.

Some of the action on Movtan

your world around you

GK Squid

Josh with some super sized calamari

Hallam Stripper

Ashley with an absolute beauty of a striped trumpeter

Your world around you

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Squid Meister - Movtan Fishing

Landbased squid caught on a Squid Meister squid jig

Flat Head on Plastics Fishing - Movtan

Flathead taken on a soft plastic carefully twitched in shallow water

Dat Puffer

Sometimes your fishing does not go to plan